Our goal for using blended learning is to enhance student engagement and success

At Academy of Higher Education, we believe that one size cannot fit all. Therefore, our teaching strategies and approaches focuses solely on the learning needs of each student. By focusing on the learning needs of our students this can ensure what is taught in the classroom can be transfer both within and outside of the classroom among our students. We as an institution have implemented three approaches in the delivery of our blended learning instructions, these are mastery-based learning, flipped classroom learning and personalized learning.

These approaches allow us as an institution to evolve our teaching and learning efforts into the next generation which is driven by the innovative and creative ideas that we as educators have for our classrooms. This approach gives us the means to reach the students who are often less likely to raise their hand and find a voice in the classroom.

Academy of Higher Education Flip Classroom Delivery

Face to Face

(Physical Classroom)

This class type allows for engagement and interaction among students who wish to experience collaborative interaction with there teachers and classmates in a traditional classroom setting.


(Virtual Classroom)

This class type allows for flexibility and convenience. Students have the opportunity to access their classes in the comfort of their homes or anywhere they choose. Our online classroom offers engagement and interaction with teachers and students. Also offering a wide range of learning resources.

The true value of Education is ensuring learning is happening at all times.

Many times access to Education does not mean learning is happening, its like having equality and no equity. It’s important to know the difference while there are accessibility to a lot of educational resources and technology, if no learning is happening, it is as useless as having a car but never learning how to drive it.

Take a look at this short video as our program manager talks about Blended learning and how we as an institution meet the learning needs of our students.


(One on One Tutoring)

Students have one on one support as there teachers guide their learning and foster a more personalize experience in the classroom.

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