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About us

We teach the love of learning and those of us who dare to teach must never cease to learn.

John Cotton Dana


The Academy of Higher Education aspires to be the premier student centered blended learning school within the Caribbean that is driven by innovation and technology. Our number one focus as an institution is meeting the learning needs and goals of each learner through personalization of curriculums, syllabus, lesson plans and learning spaces to suit the needs of each learner while creating better auditing and quality assurance tools to assess our learner.


Academy of Higher Education mission is to provide a student-centered and technology centric approach to the classroom that is geared towards meeting the learning needs of each student through personalisation.

What do we mean when we say blended learning class?

 The simplest way to understand this term blended learning is the use of traditional classroom teaching methods together with the use of online learning for the same students studying the same content in the same course. Through teacher’s guidance and support in meeting student learning needs.

What is Flex Learning?

This novel approach allows for increased differentiated instruction and ownership of learning. In other words, it gives students more control over the time and place for learning, more closely mirroring the type of schedules they will encounter in college, university, and the workplace. Our goal for all learners at our institution is to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve real life problems that they may face in the world of work. We believe, based on theory and practice that the flex model is best suited for our learners at the Academy of Higher Education.

Services & Products

● Full-Time and Part times classes for Primary, Secondary and Postsecondary, CAPE and CXC Associated degrees for secondary school
● Providing personalize classes
● SBA Support and guidance workshops
● Providing access to extracurricular activities
● Retailing of educational books and materials both physical and digital
● Retailing school merchandize
● Sale of school stationery
● Career guidance and scholarship assistance


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