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How do we Support our Students

Student Support

Why do the Academy of Higher Education Limited spend so much time supporting our students during their time with us at the institution?

Its because, we understand for our students to achieve the success they desire at their (CXC) CSEC and CAPE exams the right support is needed.

How do we support our students?

By finding out what are the various ways and styles in which our students learn.

Finding out how our students remember the information they are taught.

Providing time management workshops for our students.

Providing study and exam workshops.

By preparing students for answering past paper questions through our CSEC exam marathon and drill classes.

By providing computer literacy training for our adult learners and technical support where needed. Consulting with our classroom manager and guidance counsellor on ways to assist students cope with managing stress levels they may experience while studying and other aspects of their life.

Students need the right kind of support and motivation to develop the right mindset for studying and preparing for exams.

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